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Levente Baranyai’s first solo show in Turkey offers a "birds eye view" perspective on the catastrophic influence of people on nature, as a “TYRANNUS SAPIENS”.

Dedicating his 30-year artistic career to depicting “new landscapes” of the earth in his unique approach, Baranyai commands attention on humanity’s damage on topography. His paintings exude a sense of clarity and objectivity of satellite images when viewed from a certain distance; but once examined in close up, they become more subjective, eventually disintegrating. Through this gaze, Baranyai invites his audiences to re-establish their relationships with the earth and nature, while criticising the landscapes he addresses.

Levente Baranyai

Born in Budapest (1966), Levente Baranyai studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting between 1987 – 1994. Having completed his PhD at the same institution, he exhibited his work both locally and internationally in solo and group shows. His paintings have been acquired in public and private collections.

Consultant: Gürçim Yılmaz

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